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Tricks And Tips

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Re: Tricks And Tips
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So the Atlas passes are essentially worthless? I know I've been opening the canisters you find and getting some stuff that I already know the recipes for, mostly, so I was wondering about that. They essentially don't do anything to progress the Atlas quest at all? Figures.
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Re: Tricks And Tips
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Nope, nothing. They just let you get more loot, basically. Well, I found the content of the Atlas V1 cannisters more valuable than the stuff you find in the others, but still it's not really worth it.  :-\\
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Re: Tricks And Tips
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for me, v3 canisters usually contained better loot such as antimatter which is one step from a warp cell or high-priced trade commodities like that Vy'keen blade and the likes. Still, I didn't like to carry around expensive junk that usually only blocked a slot needed for rare minerals.

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